Gaia is an immersive dance, music, and art experience.

Gaia is a happy middle between a club and a lounge, between going to a show or a concert and going out for a drink.

It’s a place where you can talk without screaming if you want to. On the other hand is drowning in music and light is what you are in the mood for, you can do that too.

At Gaia you know you will get a little more than elsewhere. Perhaps someone playing the digeridoo while the dj spins? Perhaps dancers floating in mid air hanging from the ceiling? Perhaps a magician? Perhaps an interactive art installation that responds to your hand gestures?

Gaia means Earth. Artists who are featured at Gaia embrace their responsibilty to elevate our collective spirit, to educate, to guide, to inspire, to make life more livable.

This is why Gaia is an experience you enjoy, where you feel alive, connected, grounded and happy.     GAIADC.COM