Announcing JARMAN upcoming in DC, UK and more...

Announcing JARMAN upcoming in DC, UK and more…

Bang. Boom. UK!

force/collision is beaming to announce a mini-UK tour for JARMAN and other engagements in the US and UK. JARMAN will begin with a performance at DC’s Dance Place on October 19, a double bill with Stephen Clapp of Dance Box Theatre.  Then, JARMAN will tour to London October 23 to be part of King’s College’s Arts and Humanities “which celebrates and disseminates the work going on across the different Departments and Research Centres within the School of Arts & Humanities here at King’s College London.”  Click here for more information:

Secondly, while John Moletress is touring with JARMAN, he will perform at Warehouse 9 in Copenhagen, Denmark on October 31 in a wiley, subversive performance art symposium curated by artist Annika B. Lewis.

Next, JARMAN will travel to Homotopia! in Liverpool for performance on November 4 and 5. From the 2013 press release:   “Homotopia is an arts and social justice organisation that draws on the LGBT experience to unite and regenerate communities through the production, promotion and commissioning of great art, heritage and culture for everyone. Homotopia is funded by Arts Council England as a National Portfolio Organisation and Liverpool City Council.

For more information about JARMAN, please visit